GData Static Library for iOS

When I first came across the GData Objective-C client, I really shocked by its complicated setup procedures. Besides going through the tedious official setup procedures, why couldn’t we make our life easier by just importing the headers and static library image? I searched for such goodies but no luck.. So I compiled one from source and put it on GitHub 😉

How to use:

  • First download and put all files into your Xcode project
  • In your target -> Build Settings, set /usr/include/libxml2 in Header Search Paths
  • In your target -> Build Phases -> Link Binary With Libraries, add libxml2.dylib
  • To use the GData classes, just import the header file by: #import “GData.h”

That is! Pretty simple, right? BTW, what are the pros and cons of this method?

Pros: you can deploy GData library quick and easy.

Cons: The static library image file is big (19MB). Because, firstly, it included all APIs provided by Google, you may not want to use all of them. Secondly, its an universal binary work in both simulator and devices. It means both i386 and ARM6 architecture binaries are embed in one file.

Therefore, if quick and easy deployment is your priority, this could be your choice.