Create Native App for Jupyter in macOS

Do you feel clumsy when using Jupyter Lab / Notebook with lots of opening websites? Do you want to get rid of the tab bar / address bar / bookmarks and focus on your notebook?

Entering full screen is an option, but it has draw backs say you can’t put multiple pages for reference on the same screen, and switching between apps is cumbersome… etc

Isn’t it great to have your Jupyter running as a native app?

Go download Fluid App, it can turn any URL into native macOS app.

Enter the URL, app name, provide an app icon, and you are done!

Jupyter as Native App: Tabs / address bar / bookmarks are gone

Now you can place your Jupyter app on the dock, or alt-tab to switch between other apps.

Note that its better to launch Jupyter with--no-browser option in terminal, then set a password for the Jupyter server. Then you just need to put your password next time when launching the native Jupyter app.


Don’t have the app icon? I’ve prepared one for you below 🙂